Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eve-bloggers channel

In the game there is the EVE-BLOGGERS channel, which has an average of 7 people in it at any one time. These are mostly bloggers.

But since there are over 130 bloggers in the Eve blogosphere, I wonder where they are when they get in-game?

I know there are lots of different corp/alliance/chat channels that are frequented by them, but if we can all try to get into the one channel and get to know one another, we can really work on building a strong community.

So I look forward to seeing as many of you in there as we can get. :)


  1. Agreed, i joined in today.

  2. Its a nice group in there. I know I was given a very warm welcome when I joined. I even saw you in there last night Sarah but I was busy fleeting up so I didn't get a chance to say hello. Thanks for pushing this great idea!

  3. Tanalei and Beowolf, I've seen you in there but haven't had a chance to talk much. I'll catch up with you soon. :)