Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sarah is no more

Please go to my new blog for an explanation: Punishment.

Thank you.

Beautiful sights

I learnt how to take photos today, using the ship's camera drone. I wanted to learn because for the first time I can remember, I saw a beautiful sight at a Deadspace area.

That's it to the left there. The sparkling column of energy was just one of many. It was awesome...

Now that I know how to use the camera drone (thanks Kename!), I'll be showing a few more photos as I find beautiful sights to share.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some questions for you

I want your advice. I figure the best people to ask this would be other Eve players...

Sarah Conna is my character name. I chose it because I liked the Sarah Conna Chronicles on TV, and of course, the Terminator series. I was thinking I could do my own Chronicles, and that's what I did.

Question 1
  • Should I have chosen an original name that's more reflective of Eve Online, or do you think Sarah Conna is perfectly fine?
I'm in two minds about the name I've chosen, so the comments of my friends in the blogging community and other interested readers will help me work out what to do. If it's the general consensus that Sarah Conna is a silly name for Eve, then I might create a new character.

The character is only a couple weeks old, so I'd be perfectly happy creating a new one. Which brings me to my second question...

Question 2
  • Which race is the best PVP race?
Sarah Conna is Caldari because they get better stats that help with skill training. Any race can be great at PVP, but is there a 'best' race for PVP? I know that's often a matter of opinion.

Caldari skill advancement is apparently the fastest if it's created right, which I think I did. But I can start a new race, or stick with the same race if a new character is in the works.

Question 3
  • If you suggest a 'best race for PVP', what do you think is the best racial and career path I should choose when creating it?
Different racial and career paths create different attributes and skills, which help form the path a character chooses. I'm after pure PVP, so your suggestions would be most helpful.

I just thought of something... if I change characters with your assistance (re: the above questions), this could be the first character that's been created BY the Eve Blogging community...


Bloggers - where are you from (part 2)

Thank you to all those who voted in the poll.  23 people voted, and the results are as follows:
  • United States - 47% (11)
  • United Kingdom - 26% (6)
  • Australia - 8% (2)
  • Europe - 4% (1)
  • New Zealand - 4% (1)
  • Middle East - 4% (1)
  • Canada - 4% (1)
(There was only 1 vote for 'other' and that was apparently Canada, so I've included it as Canada.)

I was a little disappointed with the turnout, and if anyone who didn't vote wants to add a comment to include their country, I'll update this poll accordingly.