Friday, January 2, 2009

Some questions for you

I want your advice. I figure the best people to ask this would be other Eve players...

Sarah Conna is my character name. I chose it because I liked the Sarah Conna Chronicles on TV, and of course, the Terminator series. I was thinking I could do my own Chronicles, and that's what I did.

Question 1
  • Should I have chosen an original name that's more reflective of Eve Online, or do you think Sarah Conna is perfectly fine?
I'm in two minds about the name I've chosen, so the comments of my friends in the blogging community and other interested readers will help me work out what to do. If it's the general consensus that Sarah Conna is a silly name for Eve, then I might create a new character.

The character is only a couple weeks old, so I'd be perfectly happy creating a new one. Which brings me to my second question...

Question 2
  • Which race is the best PVP race?
Sarah Conna is Caldari because they get better stats that help with skill training. Any race can be great at PVP, but is there a 'best' race for PVP? I know that's often a matter of opinion.

Caldari skill advancement is apparently the fastest if it's created right, which I think I did. But I can start a new race, or stick with the same race if a new character is in the works.

Question 3
  • If you suggest a 'best race for PVP', what do you think is the best racial and career path I should choose when creating it?
Different racial and career paths create different attributes and skills, which help form the path a character chooses. I'm after pure PVP, so your suggestions would be most helpful.

I just thought of something... if I change characters with your assistance (re: the above questions), this could be the first character that's been created BY the Eve Blogging community...



  1. 1) I'm an RPer, so I'd say go with something more reflective of the fiction.

    Got nothing to offer for 2 and 3.

  2. As far as name goes, pick what fits you. Whether or not it's over you own manufacture means little, as long as you connect with the name.

    As far as solo PvP goes, Minmatar and Gallente have ships with slot layouts and bonuses that work well. Gang PvP goes to Caldari and Amarr.

    As far as career paths and everything, once you invest enough time into a character it doesn't much matter what path you chose. This is why I'm suprised you gave up on Black Claw. I'd advise you just stuck with what you rolled and play it out.

  3. I think Sarah has already started to develop a personality here and the blog is starting to develo some following. If you ask me, too late to change now...all that being said I would have kept Blackclaw going...can't figure out how he is "behind" compared to a new toon.

  4. Personally, i wouldn't have chosen a mimic'd name, but change it with it in mind - e.g. "**** **** Chronicles". Reason being i wouldn't feel that the character 'belongs' to me. But i dont mean to be disheartening ;) It is afterall, my own opinion.

    I do love the fresh new start, and the new blog setup as well - nice work mate.
    I've been a loyal reader for some time now :) i like the way you write -neat and tidy!

  5. I'm not sure = I can't help you.

    Well, I'm not sure. Go with your guts; it's the best way to have fun and get into trouble =]

  6. at 1) Selection of name is one of trickiest things out there. You either find one that sits you or it will bite you whole time like that new sweater that mum has nit for you. If Sarah Conna is biting you, than look for some more suitable one. If it is not really biting you, stick to it and keep it.

    at 2) Solo PvP would be Gallente followed by Minmatar. Gang/fleet damage any race just not Caldari. Gang/fleet support prolly Caldari and Gallente. PvP and missiles in one word usually smell.

    at 3) Depends on faction selection and what you want to do.

  7. I would lean towards changing to something more reflective of you. Sarah Conna is decent name, but for those who know, it is hard not to cross images and not associate the TV/movie version and the EVE version.

    I'm with the others in wondering why you dropped Black Claw. Besides an initial skill layout, what is the point of starting new? The couple of days of skill training time you might save with a new character are lost by the months of training an older character has already had.